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Take a positive step to safety

At Positive Response Communications the safety and well-being of people is at the heart of everything we do.

From safety at home to the health & safety of staff in the workplace, technological innovation and excellence in customer service have made Positive Response Communications one of the UK’s most forward thinking safety specialists.

vans_200.gifWe install remote monitoring systems UK-wide, so whether you need health & safety monitoring for your business, assisted living technology, security hardware or a people-focussed monitoring centre - then we can help.

Our award winning Staffsafe is pushing back the barriers in what's possible in people safety monitoring - and putting the perpetrators of crime in jail. Originally developed as a unique staff safety monitoring device, it's now being used in a wide range of situations and environments.

This unique system allows fantastic 2-way communication without the need for phones, which means we can interact with your staff and respond instantly to any emerging situation. It checks the safety of lone workers and individuals on an ongoing basis monitoring their well being from environmental risks, illness and falls. Uniquely we can respond with a high volume 2-way speech deterrent, meaning your staff will never need to put up with hassle or verbal abuse on their own.

Find out more about how Staffsafe has saved lives and put criminals where they belong.
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