Staff raise the alarm using a fixed location or mobile button carried on their person.


Activated, StaffSafe™ produces an audible alarm on premise and alerts response centre team


We take control of the two way radio communication system, we listen, interact and if necessary alert emergency services

StaffSafe™, An Effective and Easy to Deploy Staff Safety Solution

how StaffSafe™ works

StaffSafe™ is an in store solution that involves the installation of hardware connected to our UK response centre operating which operates 24 hours a day. Our solution includes fixed and mobile
alert buttons carried on the person allowing staff workers to react immediately to any threat. So from installation, product training and ongoing servicing to monitoring & response we are there every step of the way.

How Staff Safe Works


24 Hour Monitoring
& Response

Our audio monitoring and response service operated by our highly trained staff is a key component in
making StaffSafe™ work for your business.

We monitor audio and video feeds and via a two way radio link secure communications link can speak to staff, make timely interventions to diffuse potentially dangerous situations, whilst at the same time alerting emergency services if appropriate.


Integration with 3rd
Party Systems

StaffSafe™ is multi-protocol and able to ‘talk to’ a wide variety of alarms and monitoring systems by different manufacturers.

This includes motion detectors, intruder and fire alarms, CCTV, theft deterrent systems, door locks and fire control systems.