key benefits

tickImprove your
business performance

StaffSafe™ provides staff with the means of raising an alarm quickly and easily – covertly if necessary – when exposed to threatening situations or crimes in their place of work.
For lone workers or vulnerable staff StaffSafe™ can provide the reassurance and increased confidence in the workplace they need to do their job effectively and deliver great customer service.


Staff Benefits

Increased flexibility in staffing arrangements
Significantly increase staff safety
Anti social behaviour deterrent
Handling of verbal abuse
Reduce theft
Increase the likelihood of conviction
Improve staff morale


Commercial Benefits

More accurate risk intelligence
Reduce risk of staff litigation
Assist with employer liability
Assist with licensing applications
Reduce staff overhead
Reduction in insurance premiums
Asset loss reduction
Improve Staff retention
Extensive reporting facilities

What our Customers say

Feedback from our customers suggests that the system has had a dramatic effect on business performance. Higher staff morale, less absenteeism, a more confident workforce, less stress, a quicker return to work following threatening incidents, higher staff retention and a reduction in recruitment and training costs have all been cited as direct benefits of StaffSafe™